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Tech Services for Seniors

Discover how we make teaching seniors how to use smartphones, computers, and more a delightful experience. Step into the digital age with confidence and curiosity!

Personalized Tech Training

Your journey from Novice to Techie Begins Here
Embarking on the digital path or fine-tuning your tech skills? Dive into sessions tailored to your pace. Whether you're looking to master smartphones, tablets, or computers, we've got a roadmap ready for you.

Health & Wellness Tech Integrations

Harness Tech for Well-being
Stay on top of your health with tech tools that truly matter. From medication reminders to fitness tracking, weave technology into your daily health routines.

In-Person Appointments

We understand that some clients prefer in-person appointments, and we are happy to offer this service. Our trainers will visit you at your preferred location and provide personalized training to help you become tech-savvy.

Expert Support for Your Tech Needs

Unsavvy Strategy offers expert support for all your IT needs. Whether you need help with software installation, virus removal, or computer repair, we are here to help. Our team of skilled professionals has years of experience in the IT industry and can provide you with the support you need to keep your technology running smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Interactive Tech Workshops

Empowerment in Groups: The Joy of Collective Learning
Join our workshops, where we tackle everything from setting up new devices to diving deep into apps that connect families. Rediscover the power of community learning while embracing the digital age.


Subscription & Bill Audits

Navigating the Fine Print with Ease
Ever wondered if you're overpaying or even underutilizing your tech subscriptions? We break it down for you, ensuring you get value for every penny. From internet bills to streaming services, we’ve got your back.


Our programs are designed to provide comprehensive technology education and training to seniors, elderly, or grandparents. From basic computer skills to advanced topics, we cover everything to help you become tech-savvy.

Ready to Get Started?

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